>> Doctrine Error with MySQL Keywords

I recently came across what I would consider a bug, for Doctrine2. Basically, I had created an entity in Symfony2 that I needed to have a boolean that told me if this entry could be shown publicly or not. Without thinking I went ahead and put it down as $show. Since I had set the column name in the annotations, it was automatically taken as the actual field name in the database, when I used doctrine to update the schema. It worked fine, and upon checking the database it all looked correct. I moved on to the code in charge

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>> ‘Symfony\Component\Form\Form’ was not found

An issue I’ve come across a couple of times recently, by making a small mistake, is persisting a form input to Doctrine using Symfony2. The issue I was having, was that when calling the persist method of the Entity Manager, I was passing it the form instead of the entity. I came across it due to the controller I was working on being quite odd, but it’s very easy to just type the wrong name as lots of people use very similar names for their form and the entity it relates to, for obvious reasons. The key here is to

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>> Local SMTP

Have you ever been working on a project, on your local environment, where you needed to test emailing? It’s a tedious task to setup a local SMTP to work with, and then you always have the issue of accidentally sending someone an email from the website, during routine development or testing. For a long time, I just dealt with SMTP, by not testing it until it was on a server, which works, but can be time consuming to test, especially if you’ve messed it up. Thankfully, about 2 months ago, I found Papercut. It’s a program you can run on

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